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Born in 1970 in Poland, Vito moved to Germany at the age of 11 and grew up in Baden-Wurttemberg and Bavaria. At the age of 14 he started playing piano and drums. He played his first live concerts in 1987, followed by his first studio recordings which attracted his interest in audio technology.
In the following years, Vito gained experience as musician, composer and in audio engineering which was solidified in a study at the SAE (School Of Audio Engineering) in Munich in 1995. During that time, Vito worked as a FOH- and monitor mixer and set up the Radioland Studios, one of the first digital recording studios in the Nuremberg area.


The studio work implied working out visual concepts, what made Vito start designing concert posters, record covers and common identities.These tasks caused Vito to gain experience as DTP specialist for some years and later as project manager and partially as art director at Sebald Media Service GmbH (later known as Realcontent GmbH). Afterwards, he became self-employed with an advertising agency he is running to this day.
In 2011, Vito continued his audio engineering study at the S.E.T. (School of Entertainment and Technology) in Berlin with lecturers like for example Domenico Utpadel, Martin Kaiser,


Andreas Balaskas, Krischan Kunkel and Nico Berthold. He completed the "Audio Engineer FH" (technical college degree) studies as one of the year's best students.
During that time, Vito produced several albums, he was active as a drummer in many bands and developed concepts for music videos and live events. At the moment Vito is producing the second album of the band SYNCROMIND PROJECT he is not only active as a musician and composer but also assumes responsibility for the implementation of the videos, the website and marketing.
The album release is scheduled for 2014.

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